Professional Testimonials

"Live to Tell" is a story YOU need to hear! Tim Rader not only captivated the attention of hundreds of youngsters at North Schuylkill, but kept them listening for over an hour. This was presented to both junior and senior high school students with intense reactions in each. Students and staff both commented that this heartfelt story hit home and was one of the best programs ever presented. Tim is ONE of US…he represents YOU and ME. He is the honor society student, the talented athlete, the popular friend, the faculty favorite, and the fun loving teen...He is one of OUR children who became lost in the world of drugs and alcohol after a tough battle with cancer. This can happen to any of us and that is what makes this not only Tim's story, but our story as well."
Mrs. Bonnie Kaplan Yanuskiewicz - SPARTAN TASK FORCE, North Schuylkill Jr.-Sr. High School

“I highly recommend welcoming Tim Rader to your school to speak to your students. His presentation was both informative and enlightening. Our students learned first- hand the dangers of drug use. I believe what touched our students most was the fact that Tim was a kid who had it all. They learned that even a gifted athlete from a great family who was respected by kids and adults alike could fall prey to addiction. Tim held their attention throughout the presentation and many of them wanted to shake his hand when it was finished. He is to be commended for his continuing recovery and his desire to help the students of today through his honesty.”
MaryLou Henninger - Principal, Mahanoy Area High School

Student Testimonials

"Thank you for coming to North Schuylkill jr/sr high school to talk to us. What you said was life changing. I WILL NEVER do drugs. I see how it can change a person's life. This world is very lucky to have people like you who make mistakes and tell people what they can do to prevent the same things from happening to them. Thank you again!"
North Schuylkill High School Student

"The program that you gave us was by far the best and most touching program that i have ever seen. You coming to our school and teaching us these lessons was incredible, it was honestly life changing. Doing what your doing is an example of changing lives for the better one person at a time. Every program we ever had was sugarcoated or not spoken out of experience and from the heart as yours was. You should truly consider being a drug counselor or something like that. Keep doing what you´re doing!"
Mahanoy Area High School Student